Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Learning Tower & Giveaway at Go Graham Go

Let me just start by saying my son is a climber and a helper. He loves to help me clean dishes in the sink. He isn't even two years old yet!
The downside is that if something is out of his reach, he goes for it! For example, we own a bar height dining table. One day while talking to a friend, I all of a sudden had this epiphany, its too quiet! I said wait where is he? My friend replies, "uh Katy, he is on top of your dining room table drinking a coke. He was fine but I on the other hand, never looked at my dining room table the same again. This was the beginning of Nowee's "if I see, I'm gonna get it" stage.
Which brings me to the Learning Tower. I don't mind if my son reaches for the sky, as long as he has a safe way to reach. The Learning Tower is a safe way for your child to feel like he or she belongs. Anyways, I had to post this giveaway! For more information about the Learning Tower go to and you can also visit for more reviews and giveaways.

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